Applying for an allotment

Colleen at the Caban

To apply you could send your name and address by email to the secretary:

and we will place your name as next on the list.

OR you can pick up an application form from Ty Cegin or the Tan y Bryn sweet shop.

OR just post a reply here, with your name, after registering and logging in.

5 thoughts on “Applying for an allotment

  1. Hi and a happy new year to you can you please put us on your waiting list,I hear you have had a further grant and that fur the allotments are approved?
    44 FFordd tegai Mease gerchan

  2. hi julie am i number 1 on the list now ? as i noticed number 9 was being offered an allotment a couple of Saturdays ago does this mean ive moved up the list ? i have emailed you but got no reply !

    • Hi sorry for the wait for a reply.. A. Thomas has been offered a plot.. Not A Thompson who is further down the list.. they are different people.. My aplolgies for the confusion..but A.Thomas has been on the list since 8/10/10.. but when i updated the website list in the summer I missed him off.. but he is on the file which is the real list..admittedly, the wesite waiting should mirror the file waiting list.. but human error creeped in.. if anyone ever wants to look at the file they are more than welcome. There is no hidden agendas for the waiting list.. I can assure you everyone is treated equally and fairly.. The waiting list is int the process of change. but I am waitng for couple of decisions till I can finally update it and let everyone know still on the list were they are up too.. This is likely to be early in the week of 17th Dec 12. Thank you for your paitence..

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