Maesgirchen and Tan-y-Bryn Allotments

Minutes forThursday 23rd March 2017

Attended: Jim Chairperson Chris Treasure Secretary Julie Phil Diane Mark Diane Vera (Irene Walls, Andy Davies Maesgirchen Partnership and Tom from Wild Elements)

Apologies: Euros John Liz Dave Alun

Jim opened meeting. He welcomed those who attended and introduced Irene, Andy and Tom who would later discuss in meeting some idea’s they wanted to put to the group.

Financial Report: Chris went over the finances. We have £2068 in the associations account. This is a good figure as we have not yet accounted for this year’s plot rents which are due in by the end of April 17.Most recent outgoings was a new polytunnel for Euros and the cost of getting the rubble finally removed in November 16.

Chris discussed how she has not joined the National Allotment Society this year as she feels the group does not get enough in return to justify the payment for membership. This was discussed at the meeting and all agreed. If anyone feels that we should continue the membership, please, say and we could discuss further.

Waiting List: we looked over waiting list. Most now had got plots now. Two people remain. Julie said she will amend the waiting list on the Website.

Rents: The plot rents were discussed and it was agreed that all rents should be paid in full by the end of April. If rents are not paid we should look to pass the plot onto those on the waiting list. This decision has come about as in the past folk have dragged heels with paying and then left the project late in the season. This has left a smaller window in the growing season for new members.  This was agreed at the meeting.

Community Area: The rest of the meeting was largely discussing the future of the community area. Andy Davies Maesgirchen Partnership Tom Wild Elements and Irene Walls had come to the meeting to discuss how they wished to work the community area and enhance the space. Andy co-ordinates an Introduction to Work project on Maesgirchen and discussed how it would be beneficial to his group and the allotment project if they could use the community space about twice a week. The group would work at the community space learning new skills as part of their getting back into work programme.  Andy Tom and Irene would be there to co-ordinate and support the group at all times. Andy discussed how they could enhance the community space by re-building the raised beds and growing in them. Andy and his team had some real positive ideas for the community space and it was agreed that it would be good to see the space used for what it was always intended. If you have any thoughts on the above do come to the A.G.M to discuss.

The next meeting is the AGM. Please do try and attend.

Crosville Club

13 April Thursday


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Meeting 3rd September 2013

Present:  Alan & Maria, Derek, Dewi, Phil, Irene..

Apologies: Julie, Chris & Jim, Dave, Girwen, Tony & Diane..

No minutes available so no matters arising..

Gary’s funeral was talked about and it was agreed he had a good send off thanks to Julie who sent thanks to all who had helped her whether in cash or in kind.

The rubble and waste bricks were once again discussed and it was decided that the best course of action was to hire a digger and bury it all. The coping stones would be used as a base for the proposed new compost bay. No date was arranged to do the work.

The electric cable reel that had been left in the caban for communal use has gone missing. If anyone has borrowed it please return it. Also gone is the B.B.Q. but it was noted that it actually belonged to Robbie. The gas bottle however belonged to Derek although he wasn’t too bothered about having it back. As a general guide though, to borrow means you should return.  The success of any association depends on trust..

Meeting closed at 8pm

Next meeting October 1st …7pm in the Caban


Minutes of Meeting

2nd July 2013 (Caban)


Attended:  Chris, Jim, Derek, Eirwen, Dave, Phil, Irene,

Apologies: Diane, Tony, Julie, Gary, Nicky,

Minutes of last meeting were read and agreed as correct.

Matters Arising: Carnival was voted a great success and Irene proposed a vote of thanks to everyone involved, especially Julie, Gary, Jon and Peri.

£134:50 was cleared on the stall after paying out prize for Elfed (cockerel) name.

A presentation of trophies and a cheque of £50 was attended by Julie, Gary and Irene, given by Nigel Pickavance.

Maintenance:  The water on the new plots is advancing slowly and hasn’t been forgotten.

The work-day was mentioned – Irene to ask Julie to send texts to remind everyone. It was said that one day wouldn’t be enough, but would be discussed at next meeting when it will be clearer what still needs to be done.

The bricks and rubble need to be cleared as soon as possible. It was decided to use as much as possible on site even if it just means using it as edging. A skip will be hired to take away what we really can’t use. Derek to get the prices. Gary to be asked about sign / lectern for compost area. It was suggested that Stuart had given up on the composting as it was being slightly misused, but as he wasn’t at the meeting we couldn’t get his comments. This area now needs major work.

Fundraising: As well as the £184:50 from the carnival, another £86 was raised from the raffle. Thanks to all who contributed and sold tickets. Also thanks to Michelle for making them look “pretty”.

Next Year: The possibility of an Open-Day was raised, but not discussed.

The meeting finished at 7.55pm.  (Irene)


Next Meeting

August 6th at 7pm

In the Caban


Minutes for 4th June 12


ATTENDED.  Chairman Gary. Treasurer Irene. Secretary Julie. Jim, Chris, Robbie, Sue, Ian, Diane, Tony, Nicky, Derek, Daffyd, Alan, Phil, Edwina,

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes were read over and agreed.

MATTERS ARISING: There were things to be discussed about the Carnival but that would be looked at further down.

RENTS: Most rents were in. There is still a few people needing to pay.

WAITING LIST: Julie will update the waiting list after the Carnival and when she is back from her holidays.



 The road leading into the plots has been partially tar-mac   by the builders who  used the allotment site recently to store their vehicles.

Changing the lock number.

The lock number was agreed to be changed at a previous meeting.

This hasn’t happened yet.  It was decided to change the number tonight. Julie and Irene will let everyone know between them.

We have always asked plot holders not to give out the lock combination to none plot holders. Should an occasion arise that you need to do so you need to the committee know so plot holders are aware of someone who is not a plot holder will be accessing the site.

This can be done by leaving a post on the website/notice board ringing Julie who will let others know.

Please do not pass this number on to anyone as we have always tried to keep the number tight in the group.

This keeps the lock secure on the gate. More importantly it keeps the site, plots and members safe.


Robbie was not in agreement with his letter so put this to the committee. It was agreed that he should be able to stay on his plot as he now has more time to work it.

Trevor had a letter and spoke to Julie about this. He is now working his plot.

Irene is to ring Sara to ask her to work her plot.

Julie, Irene and Gary feel that when letters have been sent out in the past to plot holders they often feel it is them personally sending the letter. They wanted to explain that any letters sent out are agreed at meetings as a group. What they feel would work better in the future would be for plot holders who are not working their plots be asked to come to the allotment and meet up with the committee to discuss the situation. This would give plot holders the opportunity to have their say. However, if the plot holder does not then bring their plot up to speed they will be sent a letter asking them to vacate.

EVENTS:  Bangor Carnival.

The arrangements for the Carnival were discussed.

Derek is again providing the van and trailer for the Carnival.

Jim is to sort out the stall in the morning. Nicky is going to help on the stall.

Julie, Gary and Peri are to decorate the stall on Friday.

 All plants grown by plot holders for sale are to be placed inside the cabin by Friday evening. If you cant make Friday you can always bring to the stall on Saturday morning.



2nd July 2013 in the Cabin.


Minutes for Tuesday May 2nd


Present:      Dave &Lyn,  Chris & Jim,  Liz & John  Elfyn,  Jane,  Eirwen,  Gary,  Tony,  Allen,  Irene.

Apologies:    Julie,  Nicky,  Di.

Discussed:      As Robbie should have had a letter after last meeting, it was said he should definitely have one now. Irene had already written one out and Gary signed it.

A letter is also to be sent to Trevor as although his plot is not a mess it hasn’t actually been cultivated for over a year.

It was suggested to send a get-well card to Mike.  Irene to do this.

A container of red diesel has been hanging around with no apparent owner. It is a health and safety issue and it needs to be moved. Derek to be asked to take it to the recycling centre. Derek also to be asked if he could get the rotovator mended and serviced.

The workmen doing the path through the football field have been storing their vehicles in our compound. In return they have given us soil and slate waste. There is also the possibility of them digging a drainage ditch. This is to be confirmed.


Gary told the meeting that his and Julie’s plans for the float and fancy dress are progressing well. Everyone was asked to grow plants etc.  Chris and Jim said they will set up the stall and man it in the morning. Nicky has a gadget to make plant pots out of old newspaper so she will go on the stall with that so that kids old and young can plant a sunflower seed or similar. It was decided not to make a charge if anyone wants to take a photo of the fancy dress but to politely suggest a small donation.

The meeting was held out doors and finished at 8pm.

Next Meeting, Tuesday 4th June – 7pm. In the Caban


Annual General Meeting


2nd April 2013.


Irene Treasurer, Gary Chairperson, Julie Sectretary, Dewi, Jane, Niki, Chris, Tony and Dianne, Dave, Jim and Chris.

Apologies., Alan, Ali. Stuart, Ian.

Minutes of last meeting.

Read and agreed.

Chairman’s report.

Gary went over the previous years progress. The carnival was a huge success. The allotment association came second best float. The stall was also successful. The Halloween Party proved again to be a good night. Phase 3 plots are now being worked. The communal compost bin is now built and being managed by Stuart. Chris and Jim managed to access £1000 funding from BT. Irene recieved £500 from Watkin Jones. Both funds being for the work on phase 3. The poly tunnels for phase 3 have arrived, also the sheds.

Treasurers report.


Plot rentsx19                     £760.00


Carnival stall                      £78.15

Carnival prize                     £50.00

Market research                £60.00                                 total £188.15

Donations and Grants.

Welsh Assembly                  £7868.40

BT.                                         £1000.00

Watkin Jones                        £500.00

Federation of City Farm

 and Gardens                        £50.00


Regualar Annual Payments.

Rents                                        £100.00

Insurance                                 £73.90

Membership NSALG               £38.00


Compost                                  £145.00

Combo gate locks.                 £21.56

Phase 3

CCG Planning                         £330.00

North Wales Fencing             £7868.40

Premier Polytunnels              £1267.20

BQ Sheds                               £269.96

Adminstration                        £50.00

Late Cheque  2012                 £21.99

Total £10366.55                                                Total £10186.01

Income over expenditure         £180.54

In bank April 2012                     £770.95

In bank April 2013                     £951.43         £180.48

Election of officials.

It was discussed if there were any nominations for the committee. There were none. Irene Treasurer, Gary Chairperson and Julie Secretary said they were happy to continue.


Rents are now due. It was decided to keep the rents at £40.00 for phase 1 and 2 plots. Phase 3 it was decided should have to pay £30.00 only just for this growing year. This will be increased to fall in line with phase 1&2 next year.


New plots.

Phase 3 update. Phase 3 is now comprised of 4 new plots. The poly tunnels have arrived, and also the sheds. The new plot holders are doing well with getting their plots up and running.

Welcome to Dave, Alun, Tony and Diane, Eirwen and Barry.

They have taken on the new plots in phase 3.

We discussed how we would number the plots.


See above chairperson’s  report re BT and Watkin Jones funding. This funding was accessed for the new plots.

We discussed doing a raffle. Members are being asked to bring items of food to make up a hamper. We will raffle at the Maesg Club and Crossville Club.

Updating of members details/Constitution/Allotment Guide/

Julie requested that all members update their details. She handed out a form to fill in and return.

Also, a copy of the Constitution and Allotment Guide for all members to read over and keep will be given to all members.

Julie will try to get the above to all members who have not attended this meeting.

Julie requested members who have mobiles to if they do not object please get their numbers to her. This means she can text messages to members as a group. This speeds it up when she needs to pass on information to members.

Maintenance issues.

It was discussed about the drainage. Derek, Jim and Tony will work together on this.

The clearing of the rubble is a major issue. A lot of the bricks are being used by members. Also there is plans to build a brick compost area and a BBQ. There is plans to use some for drainage. The bricks and facing we plan to advertise on EBAY and Freecyle. When all the building work has finished, what is left we will have to think of not too expensive a way to have it collected disposed of.

Waiting list.

The waiting list has gone down with the take up of new members coming onto phase 3. Also, Roy a long time member who took  pride in his plot 1 has now left the association, we will use this opportunity to say goodbye and good luck from the association. The plot is now being worked by Phil.

Plots not being worked to full potential.

It was discussed the issue of plots not being worked. Julie spoke of conversation she had with a person from another allotment. He spoke of how if plot holders on their site have not got their plot ready for growing by the end of March they are asked to leave. It was agreed that this would be something that could be discussed and maybe took forward next March on our site. It was also discussed how a plot was not being worked at all. Julie said she would write to the plot holder. We all agreed that we do need to address the issue of plots not being worked more readily than we have in the past. As it happens at present there have been and are plots which are not being worked to the full potential which isn’t fair to those on the waiting list.

Events. (Carnival)

It was agreed we should take part in the Bangor Carnival this year. We will organise a float and do a stall again. Please would all plot holders grow a bit extra to sell at the stall. We are getting quite famous with regards to our plants as people who bought plants previous years do come looking for us.

Derek has again promised the truck for the float.

Julie and Gary have been busy making decorations for the float. Again, it was asked if members would dress in fancy dress to walk alongside the float.


The Website is proving to be a good tool for members to keep in touch, swap ideas upload photo’s. Chris thanked Jon for all his hard work on the Website. For new members the site is www.allotmentsmaesg.co.uk. The website gives member an opportunity to keep updated and post thoughts, idea’s and even gripes..  Please join in.


Date of next meeting.

Tuesday 7th May 7pm.

In the Cabin


Minutes 19th February 2013

Attended;     Irene Treasurer. Gary Chairman. Julie Secretary. Jim&Chris plot.. Alun plot plot 12. Derek plot 14. Jane plot 18 Dewi plot 20  Phil plot 1. Tony&Dianne phase 3. Lynne phase 3.

Welcome to new plot holders.

Irene welcomed the new plot holders and introduced everyone.

Gary also welcomed the new plot holders.


Irene discussed how she had accessed £500 funding toward the new plots from Watkin Jones. Irene also reminded everyone of the £1000 funding Chris and Jim had access from BT. With money we have already in association funds this brings a total of £2.488. While from this money is to be spent getting the new plots up and growing it was decided we should keep back a sum for emergencies.  Irene had priced polytunnels and sheds on the internet. The sheds being £250 and polytunnels £600. This was discussed and others at the meeting are going to try to source cheaper.

The rubble.

The wall being down the rubble now needs to be cleared.  The payback team have made a start but we need to support the new plot holders to get growing. We decided to use the weekend to make a good start. Julie will contact all plot holders to inform them.  There is to be a pile of concrete bricks left by the toilets as these are to be used to build a compost bin. Bricks are to be piled by the pond as these are to be used to build a BBQ.

Rubble is to be left to one side on the new plot site as this is to be used as a soak away for the new plots.

Co-ordinating work for new plots.

Once the rubble is cleared we can begin to start work on the new plots. The drainage needs to be sorted. The water stand pipes an sheds and polytunnels purchased.


Derek, Jim and Tony will take the lead with this. Between them they will cost digger, pea gravel and pipe needed.


We have had some soil delivered by Muned’Ma Cyf. Llanfrothen, who were working on the estate. It will be useful for the new plot holders to use in raised beds.


While we do have some funds it will soon disappear  with all the items and work needed above.  Plot holders were asked to think of ways to raise funds. It was suggested by Dianne we apply for the ASDA token award.

Anti vandal climbing paint.

Gary brought up how he felt we need anti vandal paint on the fence. Irene suggested that at this point we have a lot of out goings and we should for the time being put it on the back burner for now. This was agreed.

Plots / waiting list.

We have had two new people apply to go on the waiting list. The problem of people not using their plots to the full potential was discussed. A plot was mentioned and it was wondered if they are planning to leave the project. Julie will contact the plot holder.  Dewi was also asked if he could discuss with a plot holder if they have plans to continue growing this season.  Julie discussed how she had spoken to a plot holder from another allotment  who pointed out that  on their site if a plotholder  has not got their plot dug over by the end of March they are given NTQ.  As it has been an issue over the years with a few plot holders not managing their plots and the association leaving it too long and a whole season of growing being lost it may be something we should look at for in the following year. This would give plot holders good notice of consequences of not bringing plots up to speed early in the growing season.


It was agreed we the association should participate in Bangor Carnival again this year.  We will have a stall to sell produce and plants and also a float.


Next meeting AGM at   Ty Cegin,  Penrhyn Avenue,  Maesgeirchen

2nd April 7 o’clock.


Minutes of Meeting Tuesday 2nd October

Apologies : Nicky.

Attended:  Gary Chairperson. Irene Treasurer, Julie Secretary,  Alun, Chris.

 Matters arising:

Apologies from Julie that there were no minutes from the September 12th   meeting. Julie (secretary) did not attend the meeting to take minutes. However, she was given an update from plot holders from the meeting.

It was discussed how it was a bit disappointing the turn out of the meeting. But it is understood that plot holders do have work and family commitments.

However, we do need to get together as a group to discuss the new plots and the issues that surround them.

The fence extension is now finished. Julie did post this on the website on the day it was being put up. Julie came by chance to the allotments and managed to get a picture to put on the website.

New Plots/Waiting List.

Before we can move forward with  we need to get together and plan how we can take phase 3 forward. To be discussed is how many plots would be available. The issue of drainage, the road, new sheds, polytunnels etc.. We also have to as a group have a discussion about what we are going to do with the wall. Should it be incorporated into Phase 3 plans or should it be removed.

Stuart, Site Maintenance Manager has agreed to measure out plots on Phase 3. Julie will contact Stuart to ask if he would plan out at least 2 different possibilities for Phase 3 plots.

The idea behind this is so all plot holders have an opportunity to have their input how we take Phase 3 forward.

If Stuart agrees it was suggested he could meet up with Jon Website Admin. Jon could transfer the plans onto the website and do hard copies for the Cabin Notice board.

This would give all plot holders an opportunity to view the plans. We then plan to set up a vote on the plans to help us take Phase 3 forward. . To make it fair we thought one plot one vote.

We will keep you posted on this. We may call a meeting on a Saturday to discuss the new plots.

It was discussed whether to rent out the plots to those next on the waiting list once they have been marked out and the decision about the wall has been made.

Funding for the new plots was discussed.

The new plots would bring new outgoings to the project.

It was suggested we would need discuss the cost of the drainage, water, polytunnels and sheds.

We have in the past relied on funding for some of the items above.

While we would get some rent from the new plots if we rented them as soon as possible we could not charge full rent. (Due to lack of their amenities)

Julie and Chris discussed how they would research potential funding and bring to next meeting.


The Halloween Party/End of Season Party will be taking place on Saturday 27th October.

We usually start about 6. All plot holders and family welcome. Bring Food to share.

If anyone has any wood to spare please leave by the benches for the bonfire.

Hope to see you then.


The next meeting is to be decided.

Update 4th September Meeting.


First can I apologise for my absence from the meeting.

I don’t have minutes to post but I do have an update.

The main topic of the meeting was the break-ins and how as a group we can address this.

Ensuring we all lock the gate as we enter and leave the allotment site.

Don’t give the number out to anyone unless vital re watering your plot etc. while you’re away.

Always try to be aware who is on site and ask politely if we see anyone who we don’t know. If they can’t give a valid reason ask them to leave.

Change the number of the lock on a regular basis.

Trim back any trees which could be used for access.

Put vandal paint on the fence.


New Plots were also discussed.

The fence is due to be put up. While Andy Davis has now left his post as Maesgirchen&Tan-y-Bryn support worker he is going to see the new fence being erected through. The fence will be put up with the month.

(Please note since the meeting the erecting of the fence has started)

Once the fence is up Stuart is to measure up for the new plots.

It was thought maybe 3,4 and even 5 was mentioned. However, it was discussed that until the fence is up we could not really know how much space we have to work with.

It was mentioned that we don’t have funding for polytunnesl and sheds. It has been suggested that new plot holders take on the plots and provide their own. This was deemed to be unfair and so it was discussed it would be an idea to see if we can find funds for the new plots sheds polytunnels.

It was discussed should applicants for plots be given their site and help with the fund rasing.

Then there is the issue of the wall. Some thought it would be a good idea to knock it down. And how this could be done was discussed. Then it was considered by others to be too big a job and it may be an idea to incorporate the wall into the project. Different ideas were discussed how this could be done.

Again this would been to discussed in more depth once the fence has gone up.



It was deceded we would have a Halloween Party. It was considered that Saturday 27th October would be the best date.

As usual its  bring food to share and bring  your own drinks.


That’s all I can remember from the various updates I have had from plot holders. If I have missed anything you feel should be added please let me know.


All the above will be discussed at the next meeting

 Date of next Meeting

2ND October 2012 7pm  at the Cabin

Minutes 7th August 2012

Attended: Secretary: Julie. Treasurer Irene. Chris/Jim. Derek. Nicky. Dewi.

Apologies Elfyn. Mike. Jane. Aly.

Minutes of last meeting read over and approved.

Maintenance/Health&Safety/Site Security.

Mike fixed Nicky’s tap.

The gate being left open.

There have been a number of thefts on the site recently.This is felt because site security is lacking. i.e. the gate is still being left open by some members when entering and leaving the site.

Also discussed was how it is considered that some members maybe giving out the lock number to non-members.

Unknown people have been coming into the site to use the toilet etc. Also, a man was seen entering sheds. He was at the time thought to be connected to a new plot holder.  A neighbour to the allotments has heard the gate going at early hours in the morning. He has also seen someone leaving the site that he did not recognise as regular person who comes and goes to the site.

We all need to try and be aware of who is on the site and if we don’t know any person on site we should politely ask them what plot they are connected with. If anyone has not got a valid reason to be on the site we should ask them to leave immediately.

However, if we lock the gates behind us at all times and not give out the number this should not be an issue.

Should you need to give the number to a family member try to let other plot holders know so we are aware that someone who we may not know will be visiting the site.

We are going to change the number on lock again. Irene and Julie are to let everyone know the new number a.s.a.p. The number is to be changed tonight.

Waiting list/New Plots.

Andy Davis has had the planning permission for the new plots to go ahead.

Andy finishes as Maesgirchen Communities First Project worker in September but has said he will see the project for the fencing through. The fee for the planning permission = £330. Once fencing goes up Stuart is going to measure up for the new plots.

There has not been an objection to the wall which will be within the fences new perimeter being knocked down. It was discussed the pros and cons of taking the wall down. i.e cost.

It was suggested that it may be an idea to leave the wall if it proves too costly and too big a job to remove. We discussed how it could be turned into a feature and use it as a vertical garden.  If it is knocked down it was suggested we could recycle the bricks to be used by members on site.

The decision of what is to be done with the wall is still under discussion.

New applications.

There have been no new applications since the last meeting.

Julie gave a poster and application forms for the waiting list to Derek to put in his shop.

Unworked plots.

Plots which it was felt were not being worked were discussed. Julie is to send letters to the plot holders in question. It was discussed how we should try to be more vigilant next year with regards to plots not being worked to full capacity. As we do have a waiting list and we need to ensure that plots are not left unworked for long periods. It was agreed we have done this in the past and plots have gone for more than one season not being worked properly before the committee has addressed the situation.

Compost Area.

The communal compost area is coming along well. It is being managed by Stuart. Anything left for composting is to be left by the compost bins for Stuart to sort through. Only green waste from the allotments is to left.

The information sign which Chris designed is still to be laminated. Derek said he could do it as he has a laminator in the shop. It was also discussed to do an information board for the pond area.

Rubbish on site.

The wood pile which was left by the pond has now being removed.

It was discussed that plot holders must be responsible for their own rubbish.


It was decided not to have an August BBQ Communal this year.

The Halloween Gathering will still go head.

The  Carnival Float was such a great success and enjoyed by all who took part in it. It did take a lot of organising so it was considered that it may be an idea to have a Carnival Sub Committee next year . There is going to be a presentation of a shield and £50 prize money for coming second. Irene will keep us posted.


In previous years we have held the last meeting in September and resumed meeting again in March. It was discussed that as the group is growing it may be an idea to hold a meeting in Novemeber and again in January. This was generally agreed to be a good idea.

Date of next meeting.

4th September 2012.

In the Caban



Treasurer Irene  community area. Gary Chairman plot 15. Stuart Maintenance manage plot  4 . Julie Secretary plot 2. Dewi plot 20. Nicky plot  Dewi plot 20. Nicky plot 11. Jim plot…

Apologies: Elfyn plot 9. Chris plot 7.

We opened the meeting with a minutes silence for Danny Jones plot holder who will be sadly missed.

Minutes of last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting were read over and approved.

Matters arising:

None at this time.

Carnival Update.

Despite the weather it was a really good day. The stall raised 78.15p. This was considered to be a good sum as due to weather the event was not attended as well as previous years. Irene received a letter from a lady who had bought £10.00 worth of plants from the stall. In this letter she writes how all the plants are coming along wonderfully.

Members working the stall on Carnival day were told that our float had come second.  Irene will follow up if this is correct and if there is a prize or certificate for us to collect.

Julie requested if anyone has photos of the day would they please get them to her so they can be uploaded onto the website.

Dewi explained he had emailed his photos to Julie. She will check this out.

Also, a big thank you to all who contributed to the event.

Plots/Waiting list.

The funding for the fencing has been approved. It hasn’t come through yet. The funding covers the fencing only. Andy Davis Maesgeirchen Project Worker has suggested that the plots be given to those on the waiting list without sheds and polytunnels. It was discussed at the meeting and was agreed by all that we would prefer  all plots to be let with polytunnels and sheds. With this in mind it was decided that the fence would be erected and we would bring this back to the committee to look into funding and other means of raising the money for the sheds and ploy tunnels.

Stuart is to coordinate the measuring up of the new plots when the fence goes up. It was generally agreed at the meeting that once the fence goes up there would be space for about 4-5 plots.

The basket ball wall will be inside the site once the wall once fence goes up. It was brought up by Irene we may have to gain permission to knock it down. Irene is going to follow this up.

Plot 11. was discussed with the plot holder suggesting it wasn’t getting worked. Plot holder explained they were working their plot it just needed strimming.

Nicky  asked if anyone would be able to fix there tap. Julie said she would put Nicky in contact with Aly as he may be able to help.

Compost Bins

Stuart discussed how the compost is coming along well. Stuart requested that plot holders put green wasted from the site only onto the communal compost.

Stuart is going to extend the composting area.  Jim is going to provide the pallets needed.

Stuart has planted comfrey behind the compost bin. He discussed how it makes really good fertilizer.

Dewi had printed out an A3 copy of the information poster Chris designed which he is going to have laminated in preparation to be fixed up by the composting area.


Julie handed out copies of the amendment to the constitution. The amendment  concerns the issue of plots and handing them over to family members. The changes were discussed and agreed previously at meetings by plot holders. The amended copy was read over at the meeting and it was agreed that Julie will post out signed copies of the Constitution to all plot holders.

The amendment in the constitution  is in order to keep the waiting list fair and equal to all on the waiting list and to avoid queue jumping and misunderstandings.

This has highlighted the situation of plot holders having non members helping to work their plots.

Julie discussed how she would write a standard letter to be given to all plot holders and those who may be helping work the plot on a regular basis.

The letter will point out that plot holders cannot under no circumstances hand their plot over to anyone except immediate family should their circumstances change.

This would  help to make clear from the outset the guidelines of the association as  to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. The letter will suggest that anyone helping would be advised to put their name onto the waiting list should they want to secure a place on the project.


There is nothing coming up. We usually have a BBQ in August which will be discussed at the next meeting .

Any other business.

None discussed.

Date of next meeting.

7th August in Caban @7pm.

Minutes of Meeting  June 5th


APOLOGIES: Elfyn. Mike.

ATTENDED. Chairman Gary.  Treasurer Irene.  Secretary Julie.  Jim, Chris, Aly, Alun, Dewi.

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes were read over and agreed.

MATTERS ARISING:    There were things to be discussed about the Carnival but that will be looked at further down.

Chris had produced a bi-lingual information leaflet which she brought to the meeting.  This was done with a view to get it enlarged and laminated and placed by the communal composting area. Dewi will  arrange this.

RENTS:   Irene gave out receipts for payments that had been made previously.

WAITING LIST:   Julie has updated the waiting list. It is on this website ( the contact drop down menu). She will also place a hard copy on the notice board in the Cabin.


The lock from the main gate went astray on Saturday evening 2nd June.

Mike arrived at the site Sunday morning and found the main gates unlocked. He has put  his own lock on temporarily.

Thank you Mike.

Julie has contacted most people by text phone or email. This was to ask members to check their cars, pockets, bags and plots to see if they had the lock. No one has replied so we discussed how the lock could have been taken off the gate deliberately by children perhaps.

Irene is to purchase two new locks. (Apparently the surviving lock is temperamental.)

Always lock securely when entering the plot and leaving.

Even if you are planning to dive in and out as once on site it is easy to be distracted and stay longer than intended.

Also it has been discussed that there has been a couple of teenagers coming in and out of the site to use the toilet. No one knows who these girls are. While they have not been any bother they do have the gate number which could be passed on to others.

We have always asked plot holders not to give out the lock combination to

non plot- holders. Should an occasion arise that you need to do so, you need to let the committee know so plot holders are aware that someone who is not a plot-holder will be accessing the site.

This can be done by leaving a post on the website/notice board or ringing Julie who will let the others know.

A new number is to be placed on the locks. Julie has text/emailed all members the new number. But will again be put in a letter tomorrow.

This number is to be changed on a more regular basis. Would it please be possible for plot holders with mobile phones/email to get their numbers to Julie so she can send message to all by text or email.

Please do not pass this number on to anyone as we have always tried to keep the number tight in the group.

This keeps the lock secure on the gate. More importantly it keeps the site, plots and members safe.


Irene discussed how Andy Davies has not heard anything re: the new funding application.

The waiting list has been updated and is on this website ( the contact drop down menu). Julie will put up a copy in the Cabin ASAP.

EVENTS:  Bangor Carnival.

The arrangements for the Carnival were discussed.

Julie is to write a letter to all members regarding the Carnival and the arrangements..

Julie is to contact Derek to see when the trailer is arriving.

Also Rob re: driving of the trailer on the day.

All plants grown by plot holders for sale are to be placed inside the cabin by Friday evening. If you can’t make Friday you can always bring to the stall on Saturday morning.

Any plants or props for float which plot holders are providing for exhibiting on the float need to be left by Garys (plot 15) by Friday morning.

Julie suggested name the Scarecrow to raise money.

Irene is to do the name board.

Jim suggested a prize of a hanging basket.

The stall does need helpers on the day. Please do try and come along and give a little of your time.  All proceeds go into the allotment funds.

Jon has made a sign-board for the back of the trailer. Irene volunteered to pick it up Thursday.

Jim and Chris are to collect the plants for sale on Saturday morning and set up the stall.


We had a visit from another allotment group in the spring. The association receives £50.00 from the Federation of Parks and Gardens for hosting the group.


3rd July 2012 in the Cabin.

Minutes of Meeting  1st  May 2012


APOLOGIES: Roy plot 1. Mike plot 4.

ATTENDED. Gary Chairman plot 15  Irene Treserure Community Area.

Julie Secretary plot 2.  Nicky and Nia plot 11. Rob plot 10.   Elfyn plot 9. Derek plot 14.  Jane plot 18.  Jim plot 7.

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: read. There had been some confusion over phase 3. While we had been given permission by the council to go ahead with the phase 3 the funding was still being considered. All ok otherwise.

PLOTS / LIST: Michael Williams has decided to not take up the offer of a plot. He would like to remain on the waiting list. Trevor Roberts has taken over plot 3 and Sara Davy plot 8.

The waiting list can be viewed on the website. Julie will also put a copy in the cabin. Please do not remove.

Julie will get a poster to Tan-yBryn sweet shop along with application forms.

MAINTENANCE / HEALTH &SAFETY. The path leading to the plots is to be fixed when the new fencing goes up.

Members are using the Cabin and not clearing up after themselves. This is a continual problem.

There have been rats seen about the site. Everyone was reminded to take their own rubbish away and leave no food waste. Derek is to  call the Vermin man.

FUTURE EVENTS / CARNIVAL: The float for the Bangor Carnival 9th June was discussed.

Plot holders are being asked to contribute flowers and produce for the float.

Julie, Nicky & Nia, Irene and Gary said they will dress up as scarecrows and follow the float. Anyone else wanting to dress up please do..

Derek said he will get us a trailer for the event.

Julie has a scarecow to put on float.

We will be having a stall again and this will need helpers.

Any contributions/help/ ideas towards the day most  welcome.


The minuites from now on will be posted on the website to save on postage. There will also be a copy put up in the cabin.


Julie has been in touch with Professor Davy Jones at Bangor University. She has forwarded an email explaining the situation about the oil patches on phase 2. Awaiting a reply.


Julie discussed how many of the new members do not have signed copies of the constitution. This is to be sorted after letters which highlight suggested changes have been sent to all members.

Letters are to be sent to all members regarding the committees intention to add to the constitution in relation to members passing on plots to family members when they can no longer work plots due to ill health or bereavement.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: There is a visit coming up shortly from another allotment site. Julie is looking into us claiming the £50 from the Leisure Parks and Gardens fund for being a host.

The number on the gate is to be changed. Julie will ensure everyone is contacted.


 Tuesday 5th June 2012

7pm In the Caban




Apologies: Treasurer,  Irene Community Garden,  Chairman Alun plot 17. Dewi plot 20, Attended:   Julie,  Secretary plot 2. ,Mike plot 5. ,Gary plot 15. ,Stuart plot 4. ,Robbie plot 10. Nicky plot 11.  .Jon and Liz plot 18  Jane plot 19.


Minutes of March 6th. meeting

Minutes read and agreed.

Chairman’s report:

Alun had sent apologies. We discussed between us how the allotments had improved over the year. The drainage on phase two of the allotments has been sorted. The communal compost bins have been built. We now have a website. We are going to be gaining more land for new plots.

Treasurers report.

Irene had sent her apologies. Irene did send a report which we went over.

Election of officials. Committee for 2012/2013

Treasurer: Irene Walls.  Secretary: Julie Simonsen   Chairman: Gary Sims

Maintenance Manager: Stuart Bavington.

Matters arising.

The drainage has been dealt with.  Derek organised the digger and Stuart, Rob, Jim, Alun and Gary helped lay the pea gravel and lay the drain. The drain was laid running along the outside of the fence that runs along Aluns plot. The council agreed to this as long as the job was finished and tidied.. The drain was continued through the main gates and down the road and runs out just beyond Dewis plot. The pea gravel cost £80.00.

Stuart has built the communal compost bins. They are now in use.

Only Green Waste in the bins please.  Stuart suggested we only put green waste grown at the allotments. Chris plot 7 has suggested at the last meeting that she would look into doing an information board re; compost.

Soil Conditioner.

Stuart has sorted the soil conditioner. It is £145 for ten ton. He needs to sort a delivery date.  He will let Julie know so they can arrange someone to be at the site to collect. The soil conditioner is going to especially useful for the newer plot who have had drainage problems.

Rents. Rents are now due. Those who had rents to pay paid to Robbie who had agreed to take care of this till Irene returned from her holiday. The rent is to stay at £40.00 per year.

Phase 3 Allotments

Andy Davies has secured a grant and the council have given the go ahead for the next third phase of the allotments. These allotments will run up from the second phase. The track which currently runs down to the main gate will be inside the new fencing. It was decided that it would be an idea to leave the redoing of the track till the new fencing had gone up. All agreed it was good to be getting more as it gives an opportunity for more people to gain plots.

Waiting List

Julie has updated the waiting list. It is on the website. A copy will also be put up in the cabin. Julie will update all those waiting of their place on the list. Plot 3 has become available. Julie had contacted Trevor who was next on the waiting list. He is to take over the plot. Julie is to arrange to meet him to do the handover.


Bangor Carnival Float. Gary plot 15 has been growing lots of flowers for the float. If anyone has any spare plant pots that would good. All suggestions help and flowers and vegetables for the day much appreciated. We all agreed at the last meeting that flowers sold better than the vegetable plants. We have been promised a trailer 4ft by 4ft. This is good but one a bit bigger would be better. Robbie has agreed to drive it.

The website.  Jon plot 2 has set up this website for the group. Julie showed everyone the website on her laptop at meeting. The website is for all the allotments holders to keep in touch with what is happening on the allotments. Everyone is welcome to join our website, upload pictures, post comments and gardening tips etc. Nicky asked if there could be a recipe page as she was eager to put on recipes. If anyone else has ideas or views regarding the website contact Julie plot 2.

Date of next meeting.

Tuesday 1st May : 7 pm    In the Cabin.

Minutes of  Meeting  (summary)

6th March 2012

Apologies: Aly Chairman, Danny Site Manager, Jane.

Attended:  Irene Treasurer, Julie Secretary, Rob, Derek, Elfin, Gary, Chris, Jim, Dewi,  Stuart.

Matters Arising:

Plans are being made to sort out the driveway with slate dust from Penrhyn Quarry and scaffolding planks are being obtained to line the sides of the driveway.

The wood pile has now been cleared.

Compost Bins: Stuart has built the communal compost bins. Thank you Stuart.

Drainage Project: This matter was discussed at length and has since been successfully completed. A Big Thank You to all who helped. Also it was suggested that we might get some young trees from the Woodland Trust to plant around the perimeter to help with the drainage problem.

Compost: It was brought up at the meeting that it might be a good idea to purchase compost and/or manure for communal piles for the use of all plot holders.

Events:  Bangor Carnival. Irene has provisionaly booked a stall for the carnival in June. We discussed the possibility of creating a float. And we ask plot holders to consider donating potted flowers to sell on our stall.