Maesgirchen and Tan-y-Bryn Allotments

Minutes forThursday 23rd March 2017

Attended: Jim Chairperson Chris Treasure Secretary Julie Phil Diane Mark Diane Vera (Irene Walls, Andy Davies Maesgirchen Partnership and Tom from Wild Elements)

Apologies: Euros John Liz Dave Alun

Jim opened meeting. He welcomed those who attended and introduced Irene, Andy and Tom who would later discuss in meeting some idea’s they wanted to put to the group.

Financial Report: Chris went over the finances. We have £2068 in the associations account. This is a good figure as we have not yet accounted for this year’s plot rents which are due in by the end of April 17.Most recent outgoings was a new polytunnel for Euros and the cost of getting the rubble finally removed in November 16.

Chris discussed how she has not joined the National Allotment Society this year as she feels the group does not get enough in return to justify the payment for membership. This was discussed at the meeting and all agreed. If anyone feels that we should continue the membership, please, say and we could discuss further.

Waiting List: we looked over waiting list. Most now had got plots now. Two people remain. Julie said she will amend the waiting list on the Website.

Rents: The plot rents were discussed and it was agreed that all rents should be paid in full by the end of April. If rents are not paid we should look to pass the plot onto those on the waiting list. This decision has come about as in the past folk have dragged heels with paying and then left the project late in the season. This has left a smaller window in the growing season for new members.  This was agreed at the meeting.

Community Area: The rest of the meeting was largely discussing the future of the community area. Andy Davies Maesgirchen Partnership Tom Wild Elements and Irene Walls had come to the meeting to discuss how they wished to work the community area and enhance the space. Andy co-ordinates an Introduction to Work project on Maesgirchen and discussed how it would be beneficial to his group and the allotment project if they could use the community space about twice a week. The group would work at the community space learning new skills as part of their getting back into work programme.  Andy Tom and Irene would be there to co-ordinate and support the group at all times. Andy discussed how they could enhance the community space by re-building the raised beds and growing in them. Andy and his team had some real positive ideas for the community space and it was agreed that it would be good to see the space used for what it was always intended. If you have any thoughts on the above do come to the A.G.M to discuss.

The next meeting is the AGM. Please do try and attend.

Crosville Club

13 April Thursday



19th  May 2016,  Caban.

Apologies: John and Liz. Plot 20.

Attended. Jim (Chair) Chris (Treasurer) plot 7. Julie (Secretary) plot 2. Tony plot 16.  Barry plot 22. Vera plot 9. Phil plot 1. Pete plot 3, Dave plot 23 ,Mark plot 5. Wynn , Euros and partner.4

Minutes:  Read and agreed.

Matters Arising:  Waiting list needs to be updated. Will update on website.

Rents/waiting list/plots :  There is a lot of movement at present with folk leaving the association and new folk coming on board.  Stuart plot 4 has left. The plot has been taken over by Erys.. Tony who has worked the community plot has now moved to plot 18 now Ali has moved on. Niki plot 11 has moved on leaving the plot vacant. The person next on the list is on holiday but will be contacted on return. The community space is also vacant. The communal polytunnels facing the toilets was suggested to offered along with the communal space to next person on list.

Polytunnels:   Those requested new polytunnel covers have them and are awaiting a good day to put them up.  If folk need support to put up a polytunnel please could you have your trenches dug and ready to go.

As George and Tony share trench space it was suggested they get together to organise a day which suits them both to get their poly covers sorted.  Niki’s old plot 11 and the communal one by the toilet needs replacing.

We need to plan a work day in perhaps in June to get jobs in community area’s done, i.e. painting caban, facer boards, communal polytunnel, hedges trimmed, (it was discussed to leave the hawthorn on the perimeter fence for now as birds could be nesting).

Carnival: Idea’s discussed for raising money at the Carnival in August. Name the Scarecrow, Tombola, and plants.. and perhaps produce as the carnival is later in the season than usual.

Maintenance: We need to plan in a work day to get some of the jobs done around the site.. i.e. general tiding of site and caban, facer boards, painting, and polytunnels.  Derek has been given go ahead to organise the rubble removal.

The plum tree which hangs over Vera’s plot has been suggested it be cut down as it is in the way.

Any other business: Chris posted a copy of the Constitution on the Notice Board. Phil handed out a Invest Local Questionnaire. It is for stats for the funding which Maesgeirchen and Tan-y-Bryn will receive over the next ten years. When completed please leave on table in Cabin or at Matra Office.

Next Meeting in June to be arranged.


14th April Crossville Club.
Gwyn Nicky John Liz Al Thomas.
Chris (Treasurer)plot 8 Jim plot 8 (Chairperson) Julie plot 2. (Secretary) Dave plot 25. Maria + Alun plot 12 Eirwen + Barry plot22 Joyce+ George plot 15, Pete plot2. Phil plot 1. Diane + Tony plot 24
(Please note I may have plot numbers slightly wrong. If I have please don’t hesitate to let me know.)
Last Season’s Update.
Chairperson’s report: Jim (Chairperson opened meeting) he welcomed everyone to meeting.
He discussed the bad weather over the winter which had caused a lot of damage to quite a few poly tunnels. He suggested as the weather is now getting warmer it was time to get the plots sorted looking lived in. There is a need to get the damaged poly tunnels repaired and a general tidy up of the allotment site and get growing. There has been feedback from the general public some plots look abandoned. If your plot is likely to be one of these please make a real effort to address. There will be support to get covers back on poly tunnels but it is requested that footings be dug prior.
The rubble needs to be disposed of. Derek has been given an estimate of £200.00 which was agreed we should go ahead with.
If you need to recover your poly tunnel please contact Chris asap with the frame measurements.
Treasurer Update.
Income. £1210.00 Spent.£466.00
Rents will boost income.
There are also a number of poly tunnels which need to be replaced. Here plot holders will match fund of £40.00
Chris is to forward copy of allotments incomings and outgoings to Jon for website.
Doreen Jones of M.G Partnership looks over the accounts as a independent capacity rather than formal.
Secretary update.
There have been quite a few changes in plot holders since A.G.M 2015. The waiting list is healthy and plots are filled ASAP when people leave the association.
The waiting list is be updated on website and is updated as and when. The applicants tend to by word of mouth although a few have contacted via the website.
There was a glitch on the Allotment website with regards to the payment. Julie and Jon have always funded this website as it was usually 25.00 every two years. The price of the website took a leap to £200 which is unrealistic and it was closed down by the provider. However, the association’s photos and memories were unable to access. Julie managed to get the website back up and running for 25.00 for one year. Jon over the course of this year will pass over all our photos and other info to a Blogger account which is free. It will be more or less the same but a different web address. When this is complete we will let you all know. This is likely at the next AGM.

Matters Arising.
Maesgirchen and Tan-y-Bryn is to recivece one million over ten years. The association is going to investigate if we could tap into this funding.
Waiting list.
Three plot holders could be leaving. Ian is to get back to us. Ali has left a message to say he is leaving.
Those on the list contacted as and when.
Bangor Carnival.
The Carnival which usually happens in June has been put forward to the 8th August this year.
Discussed was how we could raise money for the association. Tombolo.. Name the Cockerel /Chicken has always been a good money maker. Last year we didn’t make a lot on the plants. This was put down to not so good weather. Idea’s welcome.
There are still jobs to be done around the site i.e. Painting, general tidying and putting up communal poly tunnel.
The little gate which opens onto the field is considered a way used by intruders to climb into the site. It was discussed putting on anti-climbing paint. Also, there are trees by the gate which could potentially be used to climb into the site. These are to be cut back.
The number of the lock is changed periodically. We thought it a good idea to change at the end of May.
Next Meeting.
20th May. Cabin.


Minutes for 2nd September 2014

Attended: Chris, Jim, Derek, Phil, Mark, Dave, Dewi, Denise, John, Liz

Apologies: Julie, Ian.

Minutes from last meeting read and agreed.

Matters arising – Dewi advised that there is soap and toilet roll in the toilet block. When they run out, just let Dewi know (Plot 20).

Treasurers Report
Rents up to speed. No expenditure or income this month. Chris agreed to buy a new Poly cover for the flower Polytunnel at approx. £86. It was agreed that one could be brought for Nicky’s plot/spare at the same time.

Community Area
The Community area is Tony’s plot. The purpose of the area is to allow visitors/groups to seen how food is grown and is in conjunction with the wildlife pond. The produce grown there is Tony’s so it is requested that people don’t help themselves to the fruit & veg. If you want to grow something in the Community area, please speak to Tony.
If anyone wants to organise a group visit i.e. schools, youth groups etc., they can do, but the group will need to be supervised on their visit by the organiser. There are items which can be used for pond dipping (water jars & insect guides) also available in the big shed, which can be used for these visits.

Plots/waiting list.
The current waiting list now has 5 names. Vira will be taking over Elfyn’s plot at the end of the season. Plot 10 will be offered out to the first name on the waiting list. John agreed to approach Elfyn to see if he would like to maintain the flower Polytunnel.

Change of Gate number.
It was agreed to wait until the Gelli work has finished which should be at the beginning of October.

Work Day
Another work day will be held on the 4th October where some of the work on the list can be completed i.e. Put Poly sheet on flower Polytunnel/Nicky’s Polytunnel, Replace barge boards on cabin, paint pond fence, tidy big shed, finish painting big shed etc.

We do need to keep the Cabin clean and tidy. Please take your own rubbish home.
The toilet also needs to be kept clean. Dewy has been keeping on top of this but it is all of our responsibility.

Any Other Business
Thanks to Tony (Plot 23) for painting the new benches and laying the paving bricks around the pond.
Derek needs approx. 3500 of the bricks and will be taking them next week.
A discussion was held on where to keep a delivery of woodchip. An area near the flower Polytunnel can be used if it is fenced and allow access to Phil’s plot. It will be assessed once the new Poly is up.

Date of Next Meeting
7th October 2014. At the Cabin


Minutes for 5th August 2014

Attended: Chris, Jim, Julie, Nicky, Dewi, Tony, Ian. John, Liz, Phil, Dewi,

Apologies: Elfyn.
Minutes from last meeting read and agreed.

Treasurers Report.
Rents up to speed.
Cost of drainage gravel and pipes and work £470.00 in total

Plots/waiting list.
Plot 10 has now been vacated. It has not yet been allocated to next person on list. We need to discuss with two current plot holders who share what are their plans as this would affect the allocation of the plot in question. This being as one of them is top of the list and they agreed to share a plot till the next one came available.
The frame from one of the polytunnels has been moved to the communal area. It will be used for growing flowers for the carnival stall and perhaps to support Maesgeirchen In Bloom next year.
We are to discuss with one of the above plot holders who share would they like to manage the communal polytunnel if they decided to give up their plot.

The lock being changed was discussed. This being as it was felt people have the number who perhaps should not.

Work Day/Drainage Phase 3.
The communal work weekend 21st June proved to successful . There was also a BBQ. Lot of work was completed. The drainage and painting of the Cabin. Photo’s of the mentioned events can be seen on the website.
There is still jobs to be done. These are listed on the white board in the Cabin.
There a bricks by the two gates which have been donated by local council workmen.
A few plot holders have made good use of these in terms of building paths and raised beds. Should anyone wish to make use of some of the bricks it is ok to do so.
Derek is to take a fair load for his path so it may be best to use the ones by the little gate initially.

We do need to keep the Cabin clean and tidy. Please take your own rubbish home.
The toilet also needs to be kept clean. Dewi has been keeping on top of this but it is all of our responsibility.
We are to get a toilet roll holder. Also we now have access to the sink.

Any Other Business
The Crosville Club had borrowed two benches during the Carnival Weekend. They had asked if they could keep them and replace with two new ones for the allotments. Also, it was asked if they could have a third. It was agreed that this would be a good barter.. The new benches from the Crossville club would need to be painted.

Date of Next Meeting
2nd September 2014. At the Cabin


July Allotment Minutes

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> 1st July 2014
> Attended: Chris (Treasurer & note taker), Jim (Chair), Ian, Dave, Vira.
> Finance Report
> £1920.39 in bank. 1 Rent due from new plotholder. approximately £100 is due to Derek as costs for the Plant hire for the drainage works.
> Drainage for new plots
> This work is now complete. The excess soil/gravel etc piled by the fence along the line of the drainage trench in the community area will be used up as he trench settles and needs topping up.
> General site issues
> Plot 10.
> This plot is now vacant. The spare poly tunnel is in the process of being moved by Ian and Dave. A new poly sheet will be needed for it. Ian and Dave volunteered to remove some of the rubbish from the plot. Chris and Vira will assist by cutting back some of the overgrown raspberry canes and weeds. Once the site is clear a new shed will also need to be purchased.
> The storage for deliveries such as bark chippings was discussed. It was suggested they could be stored next to the newly placed polytunnel.
> To be Done
> There is a list on the cabin notice board of further site jobs to be done. Anyone is welcome to take on a task. If materials are needed, measure up for quantities. Materials can either be bought and the costs reimbursed via a cheque (please get a receipt) or Chris can pay for items by cheque.
> The Crosville club have borrowed two of e picnic tables for use during the Carnival. These will be replaced in a couple of weeks when transport can be found to move them.
> Items going missing
> There was a report of items going missing from individual plots. Most of twenties have now been found/returned. Plot holders are requested not to borrow items unless you first ask the plotholder.
> Any Other Business
> Ian will speak to the lads from Gelli to see of they will take some of the rubble away.
> The cabin is again getting into a mess with dirty cups left unwashed and coffee spills not cleared up. All plot holders are requested to clean up after making a drink and take away all rubbish. To leave it is inconsiderate to others and also will attract rats. Jim to make a sign asking people to wash cups after use.
> Next meeting August 5th.
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2nd June 14

Attended: Chris, Jim, Julie, Nicky, John, Liz, Phil, Dewi, Tony, Dave, John. Derek.
Apologies: Ian.
Rent: most rent have been paid.
We will follow up unpaid rent as we did minute at Aprils AGM that rents need to be paid in by end of May as we have quite a lot of out goings with work on Phase 3 drainage and polytunnels Phase 1 being match funded.
Plots/waiting list.
Dylan has moved into plot 3.
We have had two more applications.
We will take application forms to put on Carnival Stall.
Julie will check out note from applicant to see where she is on list. There is one plot coming up and potentially another.
We will contact plotholder 10 to find out if they have left as the plot looks pretty much abandoned and has not been worked this year. Plot 10 if re-allocated will need a new shed.
If plot 10 has been abandoned we will remove the extra polytunnel on the plot and put it in the space by the far fence. This will then be used as a community polytunnel for the growing flowers for the Carnival etc.
The lock being changed was discussed. This being as it was felt people have the number who perhaps should not.
Work Day/Drainage Phase 3.
A work weekend was planned in for 21st June. There will be a BBQ on the Saturday 21st.
The peagravel has been priced up the price was agreed.
The digger will be hired and pipe purchased.
Paint will be purchased for painting communal sheds etc.
Chris will organise the payment of the materials needed with Derek.
Those who cant help with the drainage can do other much needed jobs on site. This would be things like painting communal shed, weeding path, general tidying. Also, sorting the BBQ and making tea.
Please make the effort and come along and help. Along with the work they are usually quite fun and a good laugh.
Julie apologized as she would be on holiday over that weekend. She asked if people would take pictures on the day to upload onto the website.
It was agreed not to go ahead with the float this year. Julie has let the organisers know.
This being due to not being able to get hold of a truck this year.
We will have the stall. Chris and Jim will organise the plant getting down to Beach Rd.. Julie said she would be on the stall on the day and would help tydy up. Nicky will be available also.
Any plants donated by plot holders for sale need to be left on the Cabins veranda ready for pick up Saturday morning. Please label all plants please.
We will have a tombola. Please would all plot holders try donate an item for this please.
Also, we will have name the Chicken. Jim will make a board. Julie will make a picture board of the allotment site to bring along.
Derek has a gazebo for us to use.
Please can all plot holders contribute to the Carnival stall in whatever way they can, be it in time helping on stall or with plants to sell.

Carnival Stall
Beech Rd.
Saturday 7th June 14
Please leave any donated plants on Cabin Veranda.
Donated prizes for Tombola in Cabin
All help on stall and donations appreciated.

Work Weekend/BBQ
Saturday 21st/Sunday 22nd June
Drains Phase 3.
Painting communal sheds.
Weeding paths and general tyding of site.
Saturday B.B.Q bring food to share.
Please do come along and join in getting the site up to speed.
A good laugh is guaranteed.
All help appreciated.

Date of next meeting. 1st July 14.

6TH May 14.

Jim Chairman, Chris Secretary, Julie Secretary, John, Liz, Ian,Tony, Vera, Phil, Edwina’s Husband, Diane, Tony, Derek.
Minutes: read and approved.
12 plot holders have paid.
All rents need to be in by end of May.
The rent of £40.00 with an agreed extra £5.00 which will be used toward the polytunnel fund.
If plot holders on phase one need a new polytunnel it has been decided that the association would match fund.
Phil is to get a new polytunnel. Julie has promised to clear the side and take down her fence by
Jon had got a few quotes for the drainage. But the general feeling is the contractors are not interested in doing the job due to it not being a huge one.
Dave had a quote for £1500.00 this would practically clear allotment account..
The general desision is to do the job ourselves. This would involve hiring a digger and purchasing the materials..
The end of June would be a good time subject to Derek being available.. It was decided it would be good to have a BBQ perhaps on the Sunday to make a good time of it.
It has been decided to not do the float this year as it is proving difficult to organise a van.
We will have the stall. Plot holders have been requested to grown flowers and vegetables for sale.
We will look at have a name the chicken or something. This will be discussed next meeting.
Chris and Jim will set up. Julie said she would help on the stall and with the end of day clearing.
More volunteers would be appreciated.
Maesgeirchen in Bloom:
We have had a message requesting the allotments get involved with the Maesgeirchen in Bloom.
While everyone considered it would be a good idea not enough time had been given.
We would need any extra plants grown for our stall at the Carnival.
If it became an annual event we would look to joining in next year
There is quite a lot of rubbish being left about the place. Plot holders need to take there own rubbish home.
Chris will have a general tidy of the site and take it to the recycling depot.
The Cabin needs a clear out. Chris it to get rid of the bin in the Cabin as it encourages people to leave rubbish.
If anyone has any wood they need to get rid of they can burn it by the side of the pond.. Nicky asked if people could burn it on the far side of the pond away from her plot as it creates a mess.
Tony has the communal area looking really good.
It was decided at AGM if plots are not being work and rent is not paid by end of May the said plots would be taken back and handed over. This being was the general feeling they have been abandoned.
Julie wrote letters in the theme above and put them on all plots early April.
Julie will update waiting list and bring to next meeting.


CurlyMinutes of Meeting (AGM)

Tuesday 8th April 14

Apologies: Jim

Attended: Julie (Secretary) Chris, Elfyn, Nicky, Edwina, Ian, Tony, Dianne, Dave, Tony Thompson.

Last Season’s Report:

Irene Walls has written up last years Annual Financial Report. This was looked over and discussed.

We discussed the previous years successes, coming first in the Bangor Carnival and receiving funding from Watkin Jones.

We talked about the sad changes at the plots. Gary and Mike two plot holders who had passed away this year were remembered.

Irene Walls (Treasurer) has now left the allotments.

Tony T was welcomed as a new member.

We also discussed that we now need  new committee members.

Matters Arising:

The drains were are still in urgent need of being sorted. John and Tony have got some quotes.

They had got two quotes both approx. £1500.00.. Both would do a good job as it was agreed we would rather have a good job than a cheaper make do.. Tony and John will try and get one other quote but it may not be easy as the companies already approached are busy and it has took time to get these. It was agreed by all we need to get the job done A.S.A.P


It was decided that as we have the expense of the drainage we are going to have ask plot holders to pay for half of their polytunnels. Premier Polytunnels seem to offer the best deal and quality. If your polytunnel plastic needs replacing can you please let us know and we can look into sorting it out between us.

Added:  We are going to put up the plot rents by £5.00. This will be put aside to used to go toward new polytunnels as and when needed.. This is due to our funds being tapped into considerably due to the expense of the drains.

Rents/waiting list/plots

Apologies from Julie as the waiting list is still to be updated properly. This will be done by the next meeting.

Tony T. has now taken over the raised beds and previously Irene’s polytunnel.

The rents for plots are to be increase by £5.00 bringing rents to £45.00 in total.

As the drains being sorted is going to exhaust our funds it has been decided by everyone at the meeting that all rents need to be in by the end of May 14. If rents are not in and the plot holder has not contacted the committee by the meeting beginning of June their plot will be handed over to the next person on the list.

This is to hopefully encourage plot holders to work their plots and keep the rents up to date.

It was noted that some plots have not really been worked for some time. It was felt it was not fair to those on the waiting list.

Contact details:

We are going to have a book in the top drawer in the Cabin for people to put their contact details on in case of emergencies.

This is especially important if people have chickens etc. on site.

New Committee Members:

Chris is to take over as treasurer. Jim will take over as Chairman. Julie will continue as Secretary.


We will have a stall and a float at the Bangor Carnival in June. All flowers and vegetables for the stall appreciated. Help will be needed for the stall and float.. This will be discussed further in the May meeting.


The lock on the small gate has been faulty for some time. Jim is to replace the lock a.s.a.p.

Added: please can all plot holders remember to lock the gate when they come into the plot and when leaving. Also, it is important to keep the lock number strictly to plot holders.

Date of next Meeting;

Cabin, Tuesday 6th May 14.


Minutes of Meeting

4th March 14

Attended. Julie (Secretary) Phil, Nicky, Elfyn, Edwina, Tony, Diane,  Chris, Jim, Liz, John, Dave,


Mike Pickavance who had been a keen long time allotment member had sadly passed away. His son and daughter in law are  to continue with his plot.

Irene who has been a valued member of the association has given up her communal area and polytunnel. She has also stepped down from being the Treasurer.

At the AGM April we will hope to have new nominees for Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary. Should any plot holders wish to take on any of these roles please would you make this known  at the AGM.

Matters Arising:  The main discussion at the meeting was the wet winter and the problems it has caused to plots, especially phase 3, and how we could address this.

It was agreed after much discussion that we go ahead and get the drainage sorted for the Phase 3 plot holders. Tony and Jim are going to look into costing. It was decided that we would have to go ahead with it even if it is expensive as the poor drainage means the plots cannot be worked properly.


It was discussed at previous meetings that we would look at the costing of upgrading the plastics on Phase one polytunnels. Some of the tunnels have come into bad disrepair.

With the drainage likely to be expensive we may have to look at this again.. or at least when the drainage has been paid for.

We will have more of an idea when we look at the accounts at the AGM beginning of April 2014.

It was discussed perhaps we could just get new plastics for the worst. Or we could ask plot holders to match fund. We will look in the costing and how we can take this forward next month.

Carnival.  We have decided we would be entering the Carnival again this year. We will discuss this further at next meeting. We would ask plot holders to grow flowers so we can sell on the stall.

Waiting List: This need to be updated as new people have applied and some names need to be taken off for one reason or another..

Welcome to Tony T. who  has now taken over the communal area and ploytunnel

Contacts. It was discussed that we need to have a contact list in the Cabin with peoples contact details. Julie will put this together.

With regards to those with chickens/ducks it is stated in Keeping Animals/Chickens on Plot RSPCA that they have their contact details visible in case of emergencies. This was done in the past but should be updated.

Maintenace /Health & Safety. (the lock)

The lock on the small gate is sticking and not always opening. Jim will have a check out of it before we buy a new one.

The little gate. John and Liz requested a key for the small side gate. Julie will leave her key for them to copy and let Dewi know.

To remind everyone:

Always lock securely when entering the plot and leaving.Even if you are planning to dive in and out as once on site it is easy to be distracted and stay longer than intended.

We have always asked plot holders not to give out the lock combination to none plot holders. Should an occasion arise that you need to do so you need to the committee know so plot holders are aware of someone who is not a plot holder will be accessing the site.

Rents are due… They will remain £40.00 a year. Liz and John paid. Julie will get them a receipt.

The next meeting the AGM will be held in the Cabin at 7pm 8th April 14.