Please don’t hesitate to post any ideas you might have concerning improving the website, or indeed the allotment site itself. This is your website and we all have a part to play in it. It’s your voice that will add to the value of the site. We welcome suggestions, criticisms, gripes and moans, praise and humour. So please don’t hesitate. It’s your website and your contribution is valued.

All contributions are important and appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. whos lost a green petrol can with petrol in it ? i found it outside liz and my pollytunnel ? its in the green wheely bin if your looking for it 🙂

  2. In response to Mikes comment regarding the general mess around the site. I would agree the site has become untidy and a general lack of concern for the site as a whole prevails. There are a few plot holders who work their plots and don’t give any energy back to the project. There are those who give their time, by attending meetings supporting ideas and with positive critisim. There are those who are at hand to get stuck in when a job needs to be done. The drains being put in is a prime example. Plot holders came along and Derek provided the digger and others labour and general moral support. Stuart has built a communal compost area and water butt system. The Carnival Float and stall would not have happended without the energy, lorry (Derek), driving (Rob)and plants provided by most plot holders. Chris is currently trying to access funding for the new plots regarding sheds and polytunnels. Then we have the Halloween party which is enjoyed by all who come and provide food, wood for bonfire and general good cheer. These activites I feel prove we do have the ability to come together as a group and create a positive atmosphere at the site. But, I do feel that there are plot holders who may not be taking their full responsibilty for the site as a whole. As we all know Irene fights a losing battle against the rubbish that is left on site. Irene does take care of the community area with good will. I feel a lot of what Irene does is done without plot holders realising. But the responsibility for these tasks should not be left to her alone. It is a community project and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to see the site is kept clean and tidy.It is an ongoing issue with plot holders not taking rubbish home. This is raised at meetings.
    Also, Irene trimmed the hawthorn hedge which runs outside of the fence. I happened to be there the next day and helped her bring it in. The hawthorn cuttings we placed by the pond. This was with a view to it being burnt at the Halloween Party. Not all of it was. But we have not had a chance to regroup but we will sort this. The bark chippings by Roy’s plot I would agree is a bit much but it was most likely unloaded with a view that it would be quickly used up by plot holders. There was was a meeting due on the 6th Novemeber. Anticipating no one would attend Irene waited in the Cabin at 7pm to let people know that the meeting had been canceled. As far as I know only Stuart arrived. This is very discouraging as there is a lot to be done. For instance, how we are going to take the new plots forward needs to be discussed. I have been really busy but I am planning to catch up with Irene, Gary and Stuart and see when we can organise another meeting. I will write to all plot holders when a date and agenda is arranged. I will put some of the concerns we have raised in the letter to encourage people to attend or if they can’t to post (as you have done and thank you for raising these issues) on the website.

  3. Thanks for your comment Ken. Now that winter is almost here the allotments will probably not be as busy as before and so informal on-site meetings to discuss any problems arising are not likely. That is where our website comes in. I’m sure most of the allotmenteers have access to a computer of some sort, and if not personally then certainly a family member has. For a long time now I have been trying to encourage a greater use of our website as it is also a social forum where problems or gripes can be disscussed. But unfortunately the site remains sadly under used.
    I don’t know who or when or how often folk log in but posts and comments are few and far between, so thanks again Ken for your continued participation. As far as the untidy state of the site is concerned, I have been thinking about posting a statement informing members that as an association it is a duty of all to care for the site as a whole and to help with general maintainence wherever possible. This would help with creating a community spirit and a swifter resoluion of any problems arising. There are no doubt several jobs around the place needing doing that would be a big job for one person but a group of three or four could manage easily. So please Ken, when the opportunity arises try to encourage others to use the website. Jon.

  4. just like to know whats happening to this allotment site getting to look more like a tip by the cabin. and pond junk every were roy plot been blocked by wood chip not fair the place just looks a mess rant over.

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